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Re: advice on selecting new bird

Posted by michael on 8/09/07
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    On 7/19/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 7/19/07, sheila ghattas wrote:
    >> Hi, I currently have a conure, and am doing some research
    >> as to getting an additional bird, have narrowed it down to
    >> a timneh grey, bare eyed cockatoo, or amazon. I like a
    >> clownish personality, would like a talker. and have
    >> children (who are great with the conure, age 11 and 13)
    >> any advice would be welcome, as all three seem like a good
    >> fit.
    > Forget the clownish personality. None that you name are
    > clownish. There are more important things to look out for.
    > A TAG is very bold and daring and many don't like
    > children. Neither a TAG or a CAG are cuddly birds. It's
    > basically a bird for an adult. Any parrot might get along
    > with the conure or it might not. There's no way to tell.
    > Most TOOs are extremely loud and irratic in their
    > personality. Most are not good talkers. They're very clingy
    > birds that that need out of the cage, on the playstand
    > quality time. At times, they can be moody and nippy
    > especially if they're ignored.
    > A ZON is a decent bird, relatively quiet, friendly with
    > most, can put up with kids. It's not clownish. It needs
    > quality time out of the cage and exercise because they have
    > a tendency to obesity which could possibly lead to liver
    > ailments. Stay away from Double Yellow Headed and Green Wing
    > Amazons. Both are aggressive. Yellow Nape or Yellow Crowned
    > are good ZONs. Stay away from IRNs. Aggressive and sneaky.
    > Zons can develop a decent vocabulary. Again, there's no
    > guarantees concerning friendship with your other bird nor
    > are there any guarantees about talking ability of any
    > parrot. Actually, if a person puts to much emphysis on
    > talking, there might be dissapointments down the road. In
    > general, Rosellas and Jenday and Nanday conures have good
    > friendly personalities and are somewhat clownish.
    > It's not a good idea to choose a particular species based on
    > what people's individual experiences are. All parrots are
    > very individualistic. You might have 2 of the same species
    > in front of you but each will have their own personality---
    > Dave

    hi!i would advise you to not get a grey or cockatoo or a
    amozons if you have children that age because they tack to 1
    person and bite everyone else i would advise you to get a
    hans macaw they can talk but they will be easy to handle
    better with the kids because greys will not let u play with
    them or pet them but the hans macaws even let you turn them up
    side down because i have one my self but go on to the enternet
    and look up hans macaw and it might show you some images of
    them bye!!!