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Re: Baby African Grey

Posted by sandy on 7/28/07
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    On 7/25/07, Calvin wrote:
    > Can everyone help. I am hand feeding 3 weeks old baby
    > african grey. Suddenly the baby not taking food like it
    > use to be. I feed them with more thich food. I see them
    > just sleep and not crying for food when they were 2 weeks
    > old. Can anyone help me. I don't know what wrong it the
    > baby. Thank you.

    Have you weighed the babies to see if the amount of food your
    giving them is 10-20 % of body weight? They may be at max for
    that weight. Slow down happens and they may be content. At 26
    days i switch to 8 hr feedings and only increase 1/2 cc a
    day.Are you greys congo's or timneh's, Do you know the crop
    cap for the species...?Make sure the crop is empty...