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Re: How long should a hen sit clear eggs?

Posted by Clear Eggs on 8/06/07
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    On 7/31/07, Beth wrote:
    > My parrotlet hen has laid her first clutch since being
    > paired with her mate about a year and a half ago (she is 2
    > years old, the male is 4). She laid a total of 4 eggs and
    > has been sitting them very tight for the past 2 weeks. I
    > have peeked in at them only twice in this time and was not
    > comfortable with removing one to candle it and see if it
    > fertilized or not, this being her first clutch. I've read
    > that it is very common for the first clutch to be clear,
    > I was curious whether nature would tell her to leave the
    > nestbox, or if I should remove the eggs a few days after
    > they are due to hatch. Any advice would be great!

    Are you sure that they are clear? Well I normally let my
    hens sit on a clutch of clear eggs until a few days after
    they should have all hatched. Sometimes they will realize
    that they are all infertile and leave them and other hens
    will sit on them for weeks after they are supposed to
    hatch. But like I said I don't rush them and let them have
    them for a while after the due date. Good Luck!