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Re: How long should a hen sit clear eggs?

Posted by Beth on 8/06/07
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    Thanks so much for the advice! They are due to hatch any day,
    and my only other breeders are well-seasoned cockatiels, so I
    wasn't sure what to expect for my parrotlet hen's first clutch. :)

    On 8/06/07, Clear Eggs wrote:
    > On 7/31/07, Beth wrote:
    >> My parrotlet hen has laid her first clutch since being
    >> paired with her mate about a year and a half ago (she is 2
    >> years old, the male is 4). She laid a total of 4 eggs and
    >> has been sitting them very tight for the past 2 weeks. I
    >> have peeked in at them only twice in this time and was not
    >> comfortable with removing one to candle it and see if it
    > was
    >> fertilized or not, this being her first clutch. I've read
    >> that it is very common for the first clutch to be clear,
    > and
    >> I was curious whether nature would tell her to leave the
    >> nestbox, or if I should remove the eggs a few days after
    >> they are due to hatch. Any advice would be great!
    > Are you sure that they are clear? Well I normally let my
    > hens sit on a clutch of clear eggs until a few days after
    > they should have all hatched. Sometimes they will realize
    > that they are all infertile and leave them and other hens
    > will sit on them for weeks after they are supposed to
    > hatch. But like I said I don't rush them and let them have
    > them for a while after the due date. Good Luck!