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Post: Female baby cockatoo wanted

Posted by Susan on 8/11/07

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    Good afternoon fellow birds lovers!
    I am looking to buy a female baby cockatoo. I would prefer
    to finish hand feeding her myself. One that has two to three
    weeks left before average weaning age would be perfect. I
    have done a lot of research and have decided to have each
    member of my family help in the weaning process. I want my
    baby to be a full member of my family. My youngest is 15 and
    has been helping with our birds for years. All my children
    know how to feed, hand feed and care for parrots. Cockatoos
    flourish in close knit "flocks" as I plan to provide in my
    home for her.
    As a hobby I have raised babies from my two smaller parrot
    pairs who are also our pets for ten years. I have vet
    references as well as personal references for the excellent
    quality of care I provide my feathered family members. My
    parrots are so tame and trusting I can reach in their nest,
    pick their babies up and the parents will feed them right in
    my hand! I work from home and have spent many quality hours
    with my feathered family members and they are totally
    accepting of me and my children!
    The only time birds are caged at my house is when everyone
    must leave or over night. My birds are literally part of my
    If this sounds like the environment you would like your
    treasured baby to live in, please email me. Angela Lennox is
    my avian vet and I have several other references as well.
    Thank you and have a great day!
    Susan and Kids

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