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Post: 13 week old Cockatiel won't wean

Posted by Evelyn on 8/18/07

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    How do I get a baby to start eating on his own? He is the
    first day 1 chick I've raised. I've had him with
    a "weaning buddy" since he was 5 weeks old, but he still
    won't feed himself. He has been with other younger birds
    that feed themselves, but he won't catch on.

    Every time I try to reduce a feeding, he looses weight
    drasticly. I'm afraid I'm gong to loose him if he doesn't
    learn how to eat! He "nibbles" at any food I put in front
    of him, but looses interest in about 5 seconds. I'm at my
    wits end and would appreciate any suggestions!

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