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Re: 13 week old Cockatiel won't wean

Posted by Laurie on 9/06/07
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    On 8/18/07, Evelyn wrote:
    > How do I get a baby to start eating on his own? He is the
    > first day 1 chick I've raised. I've had him with
    > a "weaning buddy" since he was 5 weeks old, but he still
    > won't feed himself. He has been with other younger birds
    > that feed themselves, but he won't catch on.
    > Every time I try to reduce a feeding, he looses weight
    > drasticly. I'm afraid I'm gong to loose him if he doesn't
    > learn how to eat! He "nibbles" at any food I put in front
    > of him, but looses interest in about 5 seconds. I'm at my
    > wits end and would appreciate any suggestions!

    Don't give up handfeeding until you are sure he's eating o
    his own. I've had one die, when I didn't know better, and
    tried to force it to wean.

    Put him in with other birds... a couple of them. I'd give
    them lots pf millit sprays, egg food (that crumbley cake
    stuff), zupreem pellets, whole wheat toast with butter (they
    love butter), and just try putting it in with a couple of
    birds, not just one. He might not like the one you put him
    in with... he could feel intimiated instead of brave. Tiels
    have such different personalities it amazes me.

    Has he tried to fly yet? If not, encourage that, and
    encourage flapping his wings by putting him in site of other
    birds that do that, if you have them... They usually wean
    themselves when they try to fly and they do loose weight,
    but it's only temp in order for them to gain flight.

    Don't clip it's wings until it's learned to fly.