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Re: sun conures

Posted by Totally lost on 9/09/07
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    On 8/18/07, Michelle wrote:
    > does anyony one no about breeding sun conures i have a
    > and i just got a female they have been together for awhile
    > so i decided to put a nest box on the male is going in and
    > making all kinds of nosise in the box the female goes in
    > when he comes out there are no eggs in the box sometimes
    > they both go in can you tell me what i should expect from
    > them i dont see them kissing each other and feeding each
    > other

    It sounds as though you are totally lost and have not done
    any homework before venturing into this. I find this posting
    very humerous, yet so innocent.
    What do you mean by awhile? Some birds take longer than
    others, also have to make sure they are of breeding age as
    well. You have to make sure you have a Male and Female first
    that have bonded with each other. Some will, some won't. Are
    your birds DNA sexed, or were you just told they were male
    and female by a breeder?
    Leave the box in and just keep observing, they will let you
    know when and if they are ready and willing to breed with
    each other. There is so much to learn about breeding, I
    suggest you do more researching and prepare yourself for
    when the happy day comes and you have babies. Then you will
    have to know how to feed..........another chapter! Good Luck!