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Re: clear eggs

Posted by jands on 8/23/07
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    On 8/20/07, David wrote:
    > I bought 3 pairs of proven African Greys more than a month
    > ago. I saw 2 pairs were mating after the arrival. After
    > 3 weeks, I saw the 2 pairs had 3 eggs in each nest box.
    > But after another 10 days, I found out that all the eggs
    > were clear. Is there anyone knows the causes and is there
    > any solution to that?
    if you find the reason would you let me know...i have 2 pair
    of greys that have been together for ages l pair plays and
    the othere pair has had 7 clutches of clear eggs..what
    gives..ive done everything everyone told me to try and
    still no babies .. any ideas ?????