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Re: How to start????

Posted by Debbie on 8/28/07
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    On 8/27/07, Susan Mason wrote:
    > Possibly you can offer me some advise.....................
    > My husband, who used to breed wild birds (peacocks,
    > pheasants, ducks, etc.) is interested in breeding domestic
    > birds. He's home all day & is a real "aminal person", so I
    > have no doubts about his ability. My question
    > is........... What is the best way to begin? We are very
    > fond of the Hahn's Macaws and he is considering this breed
    > as a "starting point". Is one pair enought to start with?

    There is a big difference between the two in breeding
    domestics and exotics,as I do both. You mean he is
    interested in breeding exotics.Also hahns is not the place
    to start with someone with no exotic bird experience. Start
    out small!!!! Something more profalactic like lovies,tiels,
    normal greencheeks. Only get a pr or 2,of proven
    breeders.This way you are not overwhelmed with feeding
    babies .Feeding is not as easy as you may think for an
    inexperienced person!! alot of dedication time and
    paitence!!!!There are lots of internet videos on how to do
    it . But nothing takes the place of being showed
    inperson.Make sure you do your reasearch on lighting ,cages
    and feed.NEVER bite off more then you can chew!!!!If he is
    successfull then move to something bigger!!