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Re: 4 week old Ekkie - with missing wing - Price

Posted by Vince on 9/02/07
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    On 9/02/07, Laura wrote:
    > A breeder is selling her 4 week old ekkie. The ekkie had
    > its left wing ripped off when being pulled from the nest -
    > never saw a vet. The breeder healed the wing - and the
    > lady is fine.
    > I was curious at a price you'll would sell her for. She
    > ask's 1,000 for non problem - Is asking 500$ for this one
    > now - at 4 weeks- whih I think is alot on the high side.
    > Id just like some others opions.

    The price is unreasonable for a handicapped bird as such.

    As a breeder I cannot believe or fathom how such
    an "accident" could ever occur. It's shameful for happening
    and it's even more shameful for a breeder to not seek
    professional medical treatment when it happened.
    It's not as if a toe nail was lost, we're talking a wing.

    I don't believe that is how it happened.