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Re: 4 week old Ekkie - with missing wing - Price

Posted by Glenda on 9/02/07
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    On 9/02/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    > On 9/02/07, Laura wrote:
    >> A breeder is selling her 4 week old ekkie. The ekkie had
    >> its left wing ripped off when being pulled from the nest -
    >> never saw a vet. The breeder healed the wing - and the
    >> lady is fine.
    >> I was curious at a price you'll would sell her for. She
    >> ask's 1,000 for non problem - Is asking 500$ for this one
    >> now - at 4 weeks- whih I think is alot on the high side.
    >> Id just like some others opions.
    > $200 would be fair at 4 weeks for that bird. $500 would be
    > way too much for a weaned bird with that extensive of
    > injury. So I would say $300 to $350 weaned. A pet shop would
    > be willing to pay $400 to $500 max for a 4 week old in
    > PERFECT condition. Those are pretty accurate numbers so you
    > have to decide, but $500 at 4 weeks is just crazy.


    Is it the wing tip or the entire wing? If it is just the first
    section of the wing the baby will look normal except when it
    spreads its wing. I have bought a baby like this before. The
    parents bit the tip off when the breeder was attempting to get
    the baby from the nest. I was not given a discount but the
    baby was weaned and sold at a discounted price. If it is the
    entire wing its going to be very noticeable all the time so a
    large discount should be given.