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Re: breeding greys

Posted by Lisa on 9/10/07
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    On 9/10/07, Miriam wrote:
    > On 9/10/07, Lisa wrote:
    >> On 9/10/07, Miriam wrote:
    >>> On 9/10/07, Lisa wrote:
    >>>> does anyone know if there is a higher demand for congos or
    >>>> timnehs? I know congos are slightly superior and cost a
    >>>> little more than timnehs, I'm trying to decide which one
    >>>> to begin breeding with. thx
    >>> Lisa, I can tell you are inexperienced when you make a
    >>> comment saying that Congos are superior to the Timneh.
    >>> As a breeder of both of these birds I can ASSURE you that
    >> the
    >>> Congo is in no way superior to the Timneh. They are just
    >> two
    >>> different sub species and BOTH have their redeeming
    >> qualities.
    >>> I can tell you this, and this is only my opinion, the Timneh
    >>> is far less neurotic than the Congo.
    >>> If this is your first attempt at breeding any bird, I would
    >>> tell you that you are in for the ride of your life. Greys
    >>> are not "starter" birds when it comes to breeding.
    >> Superior can also refer to the size, or in this case, the
    >> coloring of the bird as well. Everywhere I have read, and from
    >> personal experience, the Congos are generally larger than the
    >> timnehs. Aditionally, timnehs, are generally darker than the
    >> Congos, and do not have bright red tails. Yes, I could have
    >> worded it differently if I wanted to, but please do not my
    >> judge my breeding skills based on your synonym-knowing skills,
    >> thanks!
    >> Any answers pertaining directly to my original question
    >> would be greatly appreciated! thx
    > Well, Lisa, since you seem to be "superior" than those of us who
    > have done this for years, I guess I'll just leave your novice
    > attitude to those that are more willing to put up with your
    > inexperienced and haughty tone.
    > And by the way, honey, get a Thesaurus and learn to word your
    > questions more accurately with a more appropriate choice of
    > Also if you're going to use upper case in Congo, Timneh should
    > also receive the same respect. Also, there are two d's
    > in "additionally."
    > That's all and good luck. You're going to need it.
    Yes, since I am superior, please leave my attitude and haughty
    tone to others, it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and don't
    worry, I used spell check this time, thanks so much for your input.