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Re: breeding greys

Posted by Rick on 9/18/07
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    On 9/10/07, Lisa wrote:
    > does anyone know if there is a higher demand for congos or
    > timnehs? I know congos are slightly superior and cost a
    > little more than timnehs, I'm trying to decide which one
    > to begin breeding with. thx

    Hi Lisa,

    If I can offer my opinion. It depends on what your
    intentions are when breeding. Do you want a more family
    oriented bird (Timneh) or do you want a one person bird
    (Congo)? There truly is no difference other than coloring
    and minimal size. They both have the same speaking
    capability. Personally I myself and friends of mine have
    Congos, but prefer to have the Timnehs due to the more
    family orientedness of these birds.

    Our birds are from Rescue situations, so had no preference
    in the matter when acquiring them, but still prefer Timnehs
    over the Congos. Many people we have talked to about the
    Congos also prefer Timnehs.

    Congos have somewhat nasty attitudes towards others than the
    person they have bonded with. Timnehs are easier going.

    If I had my choice in Breeding, Timnehs would be my choice.
    Yes, they don't bring as much as the Congos, but sometimes
    personality / compatability outweighs the almighty dollar.

    Just my opinion once again.