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Re: HELP!! Congo African Grey

Posted by Marion on 9/11/07
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    On 9/11/07, calvin wrote:
    > I am hand feeding 10 weeks olds Congo African Grey. I feed
    > him 4 times a day. He take around 30-40cc. I put some
    > adult food in there too. Can anyone tell me how long it
    > takes him to wean? Thank you.


    Weaning a Grey baby, as well as any other bird, is very
    stressful for the baby and can be for the human too!

    At ten weeks of age your baby should be on three feedings
    rather than four and working towards two per day.

    You can supply the baby with soft foods such as soaked
    pellets, chopped vegetables, cooked beans or legumes and let
    them explore the newness of the food and taste. Spray millet
    is also a good choice for them. Warm, cooked oatmeal is also
    another comforting food that they like.

    No baby should be rushed to wean and it should be at their
    own pace. You have to treat each bird as an individual bird
    and see how they are progressing.

    When you get to two feedings make sure the second feeding is
    the last for the day so that the baby will have a full crop.
    You don't want the baby to be hungry during the night.

    Best wishes, Marion.