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Re: HELP!! Congo African Grey

Posted by sandy on 9/30/07
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    Hi! To me its seems you just might have a really spoiled
    baby.But I don't think you should cut down on hand feeding
    unless you know he/she is eating other food.Millet spray and
    apple chunks is the first food my babies will play with, then
    Even babies starting to eat other food don't drink water!
    I never cut down on feeding untill I see them drinking or
    they let me know they just don't want me to feed them.
    Hey email me if you have question? I'm hand feeding a double
    yellow head amazon thats 3 weeks old. So I'm always home.

    On 9/11/07, calvin wrote:
    > I am hand feeding 10 weeks olds Congo African Grey. I feed
    > him 4 times a day. He take around 30-40cc. I put some
    > adult food in there too. Can anyone tell me how long it
    > takes him to wean? Thank you.