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Post: Selling Out! conures ,cockatiels

Posted by Hannah on 9/18/07

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    Due to Illness! I am selling out mostly pets..I have two
    breeding pair of cockatiels,one being a white face male
    and a white face pearled female.$100 The other pair being
    something split to emerald.$175...All conures are
    unsexed..Also i have a black cap conure,1 year old $175, a
    Jenday conure 2 yrs old$175,a greencheek two years
    old$175,and a yellow-sided green cheek,three years
    old..approx.$150. ...I have also a scarlet-chested
    parakeet hen aprox. two years old..$75.Located close to
    Cadiz, Ohio..Interested you pick pics
    available..all fully feathered.taken care of..Pet
    material, if worked with.. Serious To Buy Inquires only

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