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Re: Color, Song, and Type Canaries & Hybrids/Mules/Crosses

Posted by Ah geez on 9/25/07
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    On 9/24/07, Hovig Donabedian wrote:
    > Breeder and exhibitor of Color, Song, and Type Canaries &
    > Hybrids/Mules/Crosses. Colorbreds; red mosaic, agate
    > mosaic, opal agate mosaic, brown mosaic, yellow mosaic,
    > red factors. Spanish Timbradis and American Singers.
    > European Goldfinch X Canary crosses/mules/hybrids.
    > Excellent quality sotck, adult and young. Champion
    > bloodlines. Will ship.
    >, Tel: 508-836-4372.

    Another person who shouldn't be breeding.