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Re: handfed babys for rick

Posted by rick on 9/30/07
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    On 9/29/07, another one wrote:
    > On 9/29/07, ricky chamberlain wrote:
    >> On 9/29/07, Wondering? wrote:
    >>> On 9/29/07, rick wrote:
    >>>> Handfeeding some are weaned and some are almost weaned
    >>>> (2) Umbrella cockatos $ 900.00 ea.
    >>>> (2) Military Macaws $ 750.00 ea.
    >>>> (5) normal green cheek conures. $115.00 ea. or $500.00 for
    >>>> all 5
    >>>> (2) sunconures $250.00 or $450.00 for both of them
    >>>> (3) cockateils $35.00 ea.
    >>>> Breeders Pairs
    >>>> African greys $1600.00 (proven)
    >>>> Double yellow head amazons $1400.00 (proven)
    >>>> Umbrella cockatoos $1600.00 (proven with diffrant mates)
    >>>> Scarlet macaws (bonded) hen is young but old enough to
    >>>> breed $1800.00
    >>>> Parrotlets blue male & split to blue hen $225.00 (young
    >>>> pr.)
    >>>> cockateil prs. $50.00 ea. pr.
    >>>> single breeders
    >>>> red rump cinnamon pied hen $85.00 (young)
    >>>> Greencheek conures normals and mutations $100.00 to
    >>>> $500.00 ea.
    >>>> cockateils $25.00 ea.
    >>>> #########we also sell & ship breeder boxes you can find
    >>>> information on our website########
    >>>> we ship delta when weather permits (buyer pays shipping)
    >>>> visit our website
    >>>> yahoo groups
    >>> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. Are you
    >> not
    >>> the rip-off artist that used to do the $5 DNA guessing? Oh,
    >>> more if you wanted a certificate.
    >> well i hate to inform you but you are wrong. before you accuse
    >> some one of being a ripoff artist you sould get your facts
    >> straight. i have plenty of refrences and have been breeding
    >> birds for over 20 yrs. the person that you think i am is from
    >> tampa and has also ripped off some other people that i know.
    >> honestly anyone that would fall for that scam deserves to get
    >> ripped off. i use avian biotech to have all of my birds dna,d
    > sorry ricky. i thought the same thing when i read your ad.
    > that guy has screwed over so many people that anything with
    > in the name makes me think of him.
    > you can be angry, but it's your aviary name that gives the bad
    > vibe.

    its not that big of a deal, i have plenty of refrences and also a
    good reputation as a licesed breeder. if the other two people had
    gone to my website and seen the coments from previous customers
    they would have known that i was not the same person. instead i
    was accused of being a crook that has ripped off alot of people. i
    personally know over 50 honest breeders in the tampa area. but
    because they are from tampa or the tampa area dosent meen they are
    dishonest. on the other hand i know some of the dishonest breeders
    and crooks also. if anyone is not sure of my reputation they sould
    ask for refrences and i would gladly give them to them.