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Re: breeding African Grey's

Posted by Mrs. Grey on 9/30/07
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    On 9/30/07, Natasha wrote:
    > Please email me if you have any helping hints. They are
    > both 7 years old and are a pair. She seems to be mean to
    > him when he tries to mate with her.

    All birds are not compatible. Even though you may have a
    male & female, it doesn't ensure you that they will breed or
    even get along.
    At this age they are just coming into their breeding years.
    Often times the birds will lay several clutches before they
    get it right.
    BOTH birds have to be on the same page when it comes to
    breeding. Their breeding instinct has to be synchronized.
    If one is ready and the other isn't, infertile eggs are
    almost always to be expected.
    To help any pair of birds come into breeding mode, they
    should be receiving a varied diet which would include a lot
    of fresh vegetables, protein-rich foods such as hard cooked
    eggs, cooked beans or legumes, cooked grains, sprouts or
    soaked seed and plenty of calcium in liquid form or cuttle
    bone. Nuts, especially walnuts, are rich in vitamin E which
    will stimulate and increase the fertility of the male.
    If your birds eat pellets there are "breeder pellets" which
    are more nutrient dense and will help, also.
    Red Palm Oil is another food product that is enjoyed by Greys
    and has many nutrients which benefit them both during
    breeding season and year round.
    Good luck.
    Be patient. Time will probably improve their chances of
    producing fertile eggs.