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Post: Breeder Amazons and Macaws

Posted by Don/Oklahoma on 10/07/07

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    Bonded Chaco Blue Fronts- Ten years old and have been paired
    up for the last five years. This pair has laid clear eggs.
    Male has exceptional yellow wing coloration. $600!!!

    Proven Blue Fronts with high yellow wing tips Consistently
    lay every spring and will feed out their babies. Excellent
    pair. $800

    Cuban Amazons - 8 year old proven pair. Lays 4-6 fertile
    eggs and will feed out their babies. $3000. CITES permit

    Vinaceous Amazons- 6 year old bonded pair that consistently
    lays eggs, although clear. $2000. CITES permit required.

    Panama Amazons - 10 year old pair that again consistently
    lays eggs, but clear. $1000.

    Caninde/Blue Throated Macaws Ten year old bonded pair.
    Female is parent reared. These are a beautiful smaller
    macaw that is rare in US aviculture. These guys are just
    now entering their prime breeding years! $4000.

    Blue and Gold Macaws Proven pair that will feed out their
    babies. Some feather issues on this pair, but still in
    excellent health and great breeders! $1500

    Spare male yellow-lored amazon Five year old male. $500

    All in excellent health and feather condition unless listed
    otherwise. No trades and will consider price negotiation on
    multiple pairs. We will ship!!

    Call 918 841 2128 or email for more info

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