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Re: hybrids-question could be answered by david in ohio

Posted by Here's a suggestion on 10/11/07
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    On 10/11/07, kenneth mcveigh wrote:
    > i have a mle congo that seems to be bonded with a
    > timneh,they came in a set of three birds that are supposed
    > to be spares,i tried to pare the CAG with another CAG and
    > he is very violent towards her and seems to be calling for
    > the TAG female,she also seems to be bonded to him and
    > calling for him all the time.what do you think i should do?

    David posts regularly on the classified section of this board.
    A novel approach would be for you to contact him directly.

    My personal opinion would say that if the person from whom
    you purchased the birds was responsible, the Timneh and Congo
    would not have been housed in the same cage to begin with.
    Birds do not know that they are "different" and will bond
    with a bird that they like, irrespective the species barrier.

    I personally don't think that bonded pairs of any type should
    be separated even if they aren't appropriate for breeding.
    I am a breeder so I can say this and not have you think that
    I'm a bleeding heart pet-only owner.
    Suck it up and let them live out their days in happiness and
    fore-go the monetary gain. There are worse things that could
    happen than this bird living in harmony.