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Re: Baby Congo African Grey

Posted by Dr. Grey on 10/13/07
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    On 10/13/07, Calvin wrote:
    > Would anyone please help me. I don't know what going
    > wrong. I am hand feeding 3.5 weeks old Congo. I hand
    > feeded from day one. He/she still look the same. Look like
    > it won't grow any bigger. His/her eyes start to open.
    > Please tell me what wrong with the baby.

    I would first ask you why you had to feed from day one.
    Reason being, if the parents wouldn't feed the baby, they may
    have sensed something was wrong with the chick and felt that
    it should not live.
    If you took the baby because you didn't trust the parents,
    then you made a big mistake. The nutrients that the baby
    receives from well fed (nutritious foods) parents, far
    surpasses anything we as humans could provide for this baby.

    If you going to raise birds an essential item is a electronic
    scale. The weight should be documented from the time you
    start to feed the chick and regularly thereafter so you can
    monitor the weight gain of the chick or chicks.

    If there is something wrong with the chick, it might be
    failing to thrive and will not grow normally or possibly even

    At this point, I think you should consult an avian vet and
    see if you are doing something wrong or if the baby has some
    health issues going on that would cause this problem.