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Re: Birds (papoose aviary now open)

Posted by Aunt Bea on 10/18/07
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    On 10/18/07, To Santa wrote:
    > On 10/18/07, santa wrote:
    >> Available now are
    >> Congo Grey Adults and Babies
    >> Senegal Grey Adults and Babies
    >> Blue and Goal Macaw Adults andBabies
    >> Green Wing macaw Adults and Babies
    >> Scarlet Macaw Adults and Babies
    >> The Double Head Amazon Adults and Babies
    >> Double Yellow Head Amazon
    >> The Umbrella cockatoo Adults andBabies
    >> he Goffin Cockatoo Adults and Babies
    >> The Mullocan Cockatoo Adults and Bbaies
    >> The cockatiels Adultsand Babies
    >> The Sun Conure Adults and Babies
    >> The Electus Adults and Babies
    > And you are posting here why??? Last I checked this isn't
    > the classified section.

    Does it really matter? This person is a scammer anyway. Don't
    waste your time or money. You will lose both.