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Posted by Miffed in NY on 11/15/07

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    I bought two proven pair of parrotlets. They were checked
    out by my avian vet and both pairs are true pairs and he
    said he can even tell that the female had laid before. Vet
    check ws great I have them in a 3x3x3 cage with only a toy
    or two high quality high protein diet. Some calcium and egg
    food products with sprouts 3 different types of breeder
    boxes that they sneak a peak in every now and then BUT
    NOTHING! I have even soaked seed in breeding aid with Vit E
    full spectrum lighting and all the privacy they want. they
    can hear but not see each other (pairs) I have had them for
    6 months now what else can I do? or what am I doing wrong

    First time for parrotlets. Other birds and no problems with
    them breeding just he parrotlets

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