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Posted by lp on 11/30/07
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    oOPS.See myresponse above a little ways!

    On 11/15/07, Miffed in NY wrote:
    > I bought two proven pair of parrotlets. They were checked
    > out by my avian vet and both pairs are true pairs and he
    > said he can even tell that the female had laid before. Vet
    > check ws great I have them in a 3x3x3 cage with only a toy
    > or two high quality high protein diet. Some calcium and egg
    > food products with sprouts 3 different types of breeder
    > boxes that they sneak a peak in every now and then BUT
    > NOTHING! I have even soaked seed in breeding aid with Vit E
    > full spectrum lighting and all the privacy they want. they
    > can hear but not see each other (pairs) I have had them for
    > 6 months now what else can I do? or what am I doing wrong
    > First time for parrotlets. Other birds and no problems with
    > them breeding just he parrotlets