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Re: Budgie Ingested Corn Cob Bedding - HELP!

Posted by To Evelyn on 12/01/07
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    On 11/28/07, Evelyn wrote:
    > Had the baby euthanized this morning. Here is what I found
    > Corn Cobs - Once ingested, corn cobs can remain in the body
    > for years before causing illness or death. Ingested corn cobs
    > absorb moisture and swell, which can cause impaction, bleeding
    > and death. Baby birds can also develop bacteria and yeast
    > infections from the ingested material. When wet or in humid
    > climates, cobs can grow Aspergillus molds which cause a
    > respiratory disease in birds. This disease is difficult to
    > treat and can be fatal. The cobs will also absorb moisture
    > from your bird's droppings, promoting growth of organisms and
    > hiding loose poops. It's a poor material for examining
    > droppings.
    > On 11/27/07, To Evelyn wrote:
    >> On 11/27/07, Evelyn wrote:
    >>> Help! I have a 2 week old English Budgie that I believe
    >>> ingested corn cob bedding. I ran out of paper towels that
    >>> I normally use and put the babies on the corn cob
    >>> bedding. It's supposed to be non-toxic and biodegradable,
    >>> but is it digestable? What can I use to break it up?
    >> Hi Evelyn,
    >> Have you tried calling the avian vet? Let us know what
    >> happens :)

    So sorry for your lose :( Great info on the bedding.