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Re: Egg Breakers

Posted by Wendy on 12/05/07
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    I have a egg braker also, you need to watch that female
    caefully and get the egg out as soon as it is layed. There
    are other tricks that you can do but It would be to hard to
    email. If you would like give me your phone number and I
    would be happy to call you.

    On 11/30/07, Clint Keen wrote:
    > I'm looking for someone who has dealt with eggs breakers
    > or has a breeding pair that are egg breakers.
    > I've got a beautiful healthy pair of Blue Mealys that are
    > about 12yrs. old.They are proven by previous owner.I've
    > seen pictures of one that was hatched.I knew when I got
    > them they were egg breakers and had to be monitor during
    > the time of laying.Well,they have layed for me back in May
    > but before I could retrive them they were busted.I believe
    > they're getting ready to lay again.Last time three eggs
    > were layed.I have no doubt that they are proven.The last
    > owner said he managed to get one egg and did incubate the
    > egg.Any advice would be very much appreciated.Would
    > consister trading but only for another proven pair.Thanks
    > For Any Advice .