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Re: shipping a cockatoo

Posted by everywhere on 12/01/07
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    Actually, shipping is LESS stressful on birds than car rides.
    They do very well shipped.

    On 12/01/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > On 11/30/07, val wrote:
    >> Does anyone know what the affect on a 15 yr old U2 . I
    >> took him for a ride in a carrier today he was very upset
    > and
    >> after I got him out he was throwing up and would not eat
    > the
    >> rest of the day. He is to be shipped on tuesday. I take him
    >> for car rides and he has never gotten sick. But I never use
    >> carrier for him . I love him and don't want any stress on
    >> him that is not necessary . Please let me know ASAP THanks
    > Val
    > If you think that car ride was stresful on him, how do you
    > think that plane ride will be???
    > I personally don't believe in shipping. It is too stressful
    > for the bird.