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Re: shipping a cockatoo

Posted by Glenda on 12/01/07
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    I agree with everywhere. I would also suggest you cut a small
    piece of cardboard and attach it to the front door of the
    carrier so the inside is sort of dark. This will make the bird
    feel more secure and the cardboard will prevent curious lookers.

    On 12/01/07, everywhere wrote:
    > Actually, shipping is LESS stressful on birds than car rides.
    > They do very well shipped.
    > On 12/01/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> On 11/30/07, val wrote:
    >>> Does anyone know what the affect on a 15 yr old U2 . I
    >>> took him for a ride in a carrier today he was very upset
    >> and
    >>> after I got him out he was throwing up and would not eat
    >> the
    >>> rest of the day. He is to be shipped on tuesday. I take him
    >>> for car rides and he has never gotten sick. But I never use
    >>> carrier for him . I love him and don't want any stress on
    >>> him that is not necessary . Please let me know ASAP THanks
    >> Val
    >> If you think that car ride was stresful on him, how do you
    >> think that plane ride will be???
    >> I personally don't believe in shipping. It is too stressful
    >> for the bird.