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Re: selling on birdmart

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 7/07/08
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    On 7/06/08, Kim in TN wrote:
    > On 12/04/07, pa. wrote:
    >> can anyone tell me if their babies really sell on birdmart
    >> or do you post somewhere else also
    > I've never gotten any real response trying to sell on
    > Birdmart, but check out and as well.
    > Those two places seem to get decent response levels with a
    > relatively low level of scammers. You also get more local
    > responses.

    I've never gotten any real response to selling on Birdmart
    either. Just SCAMS, or idiots wanting FREE birds, or someone
    wanting to trade a Bow Flex for birds.
    Or, people asking questions, like location or price. Which are
    clearly stated in my ads.
    I get legitimate responses from Upatsix & Kijiji.