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Re: Looking Female Rose Breasted Cockatoo age from 2-5

Posted by Lori Hassell on 12/05/07
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    Hey man. Don't open your asmouth and call my name. Where do
    you live Price George, VA or Hopewell, VA. Who is Shirley A
    Hassel, Jame Donald Hassell and Terry G Hassell? Those people
    related to you?

    On 12/05/07, everywhere wrote:
    > Thanh Le pays little and re-sells for alot more, this person
    > is full of BS
    > On 12/05/07, Virginia wrote:
    >> I am looking for anyone want to rehome Rose Breasted
    >> Cockatoo. I can pay small adoption fee. If you have one
    >> and want to rehome. Please let me know. Thank you for
    >> reading this Ad.