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Re: 13 year old Macaw laying eggs

Posted by Church Lady on 12/10/07
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    On 12/10/07, Liz wrote:
    > My 13 y/o Macaw after 13 years just laid two eggs. She
    > has broken both of them by taking too much care of them. I
    > understand these eggs would never be fertile because she
    > has not been that correct? Please
    > advise...Thank-You! I did remove the eggs after they fell
    > through the grate, and SHE does not seem too affected by
    > them being gone.

    You are correct, Liz. Unless your bird's name is Mary and a
    star rose in the east, the eggs will not be fertile. :)
    It's not unusual for a single hen bird to "surprise" you with
    an egg or two every now and again.
    Make sure she has a calcium rich diet and nature should take
    care of the rest.
    You might see a behavioral change, such as aggression, which
    might not be normal for her. This too can accompany egg
    laying. This too shall pass.