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Re: Parrot eggs

Posted by Nancy on 12/16/07
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    On 12/12/07, Just wondering wrote:
    > Was just wondering about these ads I have seen for parrot
    > eggs for sale. Anyone one to educate me on weather this
    > is possible or if it is a total scam.
    > Thanks

    I believe it is possiable, however you really have to know
    the person you are dealing with. I have heard of people doing
    it with Parakeet, lovebird and Cockatiel egg. I know of alot
    of people who do it with game birds. Alot of people may
    disagree, I fell it can be done. The problem will come in
    knowing 100% if they are fertile. You would have to ship with
    in the first five days and you usally don't know fertillity
    until after that. Like I said it has to be someone you know
    or trust and trust you.