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Re: Parrot eggs

Posted by Amelia on 12/30/07
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    I have done it alot with game birds. Chickens, quails, doves,
    etc. But You cannot guarentee that they are fertile. Normally
    though, I sell 12 at a time, and my customers say they get
    about 8 avg. that are fertile. After the first week though,
    its hard to ship eggs because the embryo is more firm within
    the egg and any hard jolt or shake will kill it.

    Parrot eggs...another matter entirely. I say 90 percent of
    those are scams. Parrot eggs can't be shipped. They can be
    driven in your car, but shipping....yeah. Can't be done.
    Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a complete scam.
    Especially the ones who try to sell you Hyacinth Macaw eggs.
    Considering they only breed every two years and have two eggs
    a clutch. You do the math. Someone would have to have 12
    breeding pairs of Hy's to advertize 24 eggs. And I've had
    people tell me they can sell me 50 at a time.

    But its trial and error on your game birds. I know my kids
    bought a thing online that had 4 quail eggs and a little
    incubator and my daughter hatched out 3 of them, but my son
    only got 1 to hatch out.

    On 12/16/07, Nancy wrote:
    > On 12/12/07, Just wondering wrote:
    >> Was just wondering about these ads I have seen for parrot
    >> eggs for sale. Anyone one to educate me on weather this
    >> is possible or if it is a total scam.
    >> Thanks
    > I believe it is possiable, however you really have to know
    > the person you are dealing with. I have heard of people
    > it with Parakeet, lovebird and Cockatiel egg. I know of alot
    > of people who do it with game birds. Alot of people may
    > disagree, I fell it can be done. The problem will come in
    > knowing 100&37; if they are fertile. You would have to ship
    > in the first five days and you usally don't know fertillity
    > until after that. Like I said it has to be someone you know
    > or trust and trust you.