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Re: indoor light control

Posted by Wanda on 12/24/07
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    On 12/24/07, David wrote:
    > I heard that some breeders use a timer with dimmer feature
    > to control the indoor lighting. The light will come on
    > with dim feature and after a while gradually increase to
    > full strength. When it goes off, it becomes darker
    > gradually and eventally turns itself off.
    > Does anyone know where I can get this type of timer with
    > dimmer feature?

    I'm assuming you are taling about fluorescent tube lighting?

    Tht is a very specialized device and I believe you can find
    them (on line) at some aquarium supply companies.

    I have never seen one sold in a hardware, specialty or
    lighting store and I've looked.

    When I did a search for them before, if I recall correctly,
    they are on the expensive side.

    Good luck in your search.