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Re: Catalina x green wing pair

Posted by Dana on 12/31/07
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    On 12/30/07, To Dana wrote:
    > On 12/29/07, Dana wrote:
    >> Can anyone tell me how much you would pay for this pair?
    >> They throw flame babies. Thanks for the info.
    > I would pay not a dime. Stop with these breeding practices
    > for the quick buck, geez.

    To whoever wrote this response to my question:

    Please stop assuming you know what I want these birds for. I
    never said I have any intentions of breeding them and even if
    I did it's really none of your damned business. If you don't
    have an answer to a simple question than please don't respond.
    This is the reason nobody comes to this board anymore for
    advice. Considering I just asked an honest question you sound
    like a fool because I have no intentions of even buying the
    pair. I was just curious at to what people would pay for

    And if you are going to put something so stupid have the balls
    to sign your name!!!!