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Re: Information on Sandra Wittman -( sandyslovenest)

Posted by LOL on 1/08/08
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    On 1/08/08, liz wrote:
    > Any information or dealings with this women would help.
    > Negative or positive. Seems really out there and weird.

    The woman lives not far from me. She used to belong to our
    bird club, although she never atteneded meetings. I would
    see her at our fairs, etc. "Out there and weird" is only the
    tip of the iceberg.

    If you ever get to meet her, one look will confirm your worst

    Tell me you're not buying her "beautiful lovebirds." I say
    that because she doesn't know what mutations are. She calls
    them "pretty blue one" and if it has any yellow in it, it
    automatically becomes a Lutino!