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Re: Information on Sandra Wittman -( sandyslovenest)

Posted by liz on 1/08/08
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    On 1/08/08, LOL wrote:
    > On 1/08/08, liz wrote:
    >> Any information or dealings with this women would help.
    >> Negative or positive. Seems really out there and weird.
    > The woman lives not far from me. She used to belong to our
    > bird club, although she never atteneded meetings. I would
    > see her at our fairs, etc. "Out there and weird" is only the
    > tip of the iceberg.
    > If you ever get to meet her, one look will confirm your worst
    > fears.
    > Tell me you're not buying her "beautiful lovebirds." I say
    > that because she doesn't know what mutations are. She calls
    > them "pretty blue one" and if it has any yellow in it, it
    > automatically becomes a Lutino!

    She has been writing to me for a few weeks wanting to purchase
    a new baby scarlet macaw. She started requesting every test
    that money could buy on this 3 wk old baby and then wanted it
    micro chipped. Also told us that she had a bird store and is a
    nurse. I decided not to sell her any baby that we might have
    because she is WEIRD.....REALLY NUTTY...Been there done that
    with these problem people....thanks for the heads up on her...