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Post: Need hlp finding MO breeder that produced my G.wing

Posted by Desiree on 1/09/08

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    To any one that might be able to help:
    I recently adopted a female Green Wing from some one I now
    believe to be a bird broker. The woman claimed this bird
    was only about 6 months old and that it was a male, also
    that the reason the bird was in such bad condition was due
    to the owner she got it from.
    I have since had her DNA'd to be a female, and her feathers
    are now starting to grow back since she is getting a more
    adequate diet and vet care etc. I am looking for the
    Missouri breeder that may have produced her or someone who
    may recognize the initials on this girls band as I would
    like to get a round about age of my poor baby, and any
    other information which might be on file.
    I know this is a real reach, and that chances are that even
    if I find the breeder they may not have the information on
    record that I am looking for, but I would not be a good
    birdie mom if I did not at least try.
    If any one has a lead on any and all Missouri breeders I
    would sincerely appreciate your help!
    The band number on this girl is: MO(written side ways)RBR
    Thank You,
    Desiree in Ohio

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