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Re: 3 pairs of Cockatiels for sale or trade! ASAP!

Posted by Kim Hunt on 1/29/08
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    Hi, I was wondering how much for the lutino male and albino
    female #1 pair? Very intersted! Thanks
    On 1/13/08, Amanda wrote:
    > I have three pairs of cockatiels that are worth $550
    > dollars, I would like someone to buy them or to trade for
    > a pair of proven conures, let me know what you got, I am
    > located in Lancaster, Pa. Email me if interested!
    > Pair #1
    > Dixie-Pastelfaced Lutino
    > Baliey-Albino pearl
    > Pair #2
    > Cordelia- Sex-Link Yellowcheek Pied
    > Cory-Pied split yellowcheeked,pearl
    > Pair #3
    > Ginger-Whitefaced Cinn
    > Gage-Grey split w/f,cinn,pied,pearl