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Post: WASHINGTON STATE Law proposal affects ALL Bird breeders

Posted by Andrew on 1/15/08

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    A new Washington State Bill will affect ALL Bird breeders
    and Retail Stores stores in Washington state, with new
    regulations regarding the Sale of Birds, and other animals.

    I just wanted to make you aware. The notice was short
    though. The hearing on this Bill is January 17th.

    This is not a good bill. It will make cheaper birds like
    Budgies, Finches, etc cost $200+ It will also give an
    unfair advantage to Chain Pet Stores who can still sell
    birds for much cheaper. It gives them an advantage to sell
    more expensive birds for cheaper than local breeders too.
    These stores, like PetCo and Petsmart have On-Staff vets.
    Most other breeders and pet shops don't. Your cost goes
    way up. There's does not.

    This Bill does not help birds at all. And really makes
    things much more costly and complicated for Small and Hobby
    breeders, and Local Pet Shops!

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