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Re: parrotlet vs. love bird tips

Posted by karen on 2/02/08
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    On 2/02/08, charlie wrote:
    > i'm looking at getting a love bird for company and i just
    > herd about a parrotlet and i would rather get a bird i
    > could teach to talk but i want the most cuddly bird
    > possible what should i do i have only had a cockateal (i
    > know how long parrotlets live and i'm ok with a 25 year
    > commitment) tips please

    I do not know any cuddly love birds.
    The parrolets I have met are playful and active but not
    shoulder birds that want to be cuddled.
    If you are looking for "cuddly" a conure is a great bird.
    Green ch. conures are not as loud as a nanday.
    From what I have seen a young conure can quickly become
    a "shoulder" bird. If you create a dependent cuddly bird
    that is what you will have! Please remember cuddly today
    may be an overly dependent monster next year!
    (I know many Toos like that, most half crazy in refuge)
    The goal should be playful, confident, happy bird that likes
    people. Non-seed based diet, toys, and play time are vital.
    Most birds need to be trained to play and be independent
    Try to find a good breeder that will let you see many birds
    and see if one picks you out. The birds tend to know who
    they like. Or if you live in an area that has a good refuge
    go there for a visit to see many types of birds and get more
    ideas on what may be good for you.
    Take your time and look around there are many wonderful
    birds out there.