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Re: does anyone have one or two lovebird or small parrot egg

Posted by Rose on 2/09/08
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    On 2/07/08, Lillian wrote:
    > Hi
    > I am in San Diego and took in a couple of birds: a female
    > lovebird as a rescue bird and a small parrot. They are now
    > in love, she has decided to set on 3 eggs, which are not
    > fertile. Does anyone have one or tow lovebird or small
    > parrot eggs that i can place under her. If they hatch I will
    > hand raise and give them back to you
    > Lillian
    > 858 775 7984 call back if no answer: no voice mail on this
    > cell phone.
    > or email be at

    Bird eggs don't travel. They need exact, consistent
    temperatures to hatch, none of which could be maintained in a
    box handled by the post office. If you really want to give
    your birds some eggs to sit on, there are wooden ones sold at
    pet stores that cater to parrots.