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Re: looking for breeder in delaware i need birds wholesale

Posted by Kookla on 2/17/08
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    On 2/17/08, mark Barnhurst wrote:
    > On 2/11/08, petcageman wrote:
    >> we are a small petcage business with large inventory
    >> from paraket cages to macaw cage.looking to buy birds
    >> wholesale in the state of delaware
    > I have a bonded pair of bluefronts that I would be willing to
    > sell.. the male is a beautiful chaco blue.. Too noisy for my
    > neighborhood.. Make me an offer if interested.. Mark

    Mark, I think you might have misunderstood. He's LOOKING for
    BREEDERS who would be willing to sell him babies at WHOLESALE
    prices, not breeding pairs of birds. Kapish?