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Re: Any breeders out there that are willing to help?

Posted by apparently a "nice" breeder on 2/23/08
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    I've been breeding for 20 years. And Helen, that is very rude
    of you. At least she is doing the right thing of trying to
    figure out what is going on.

    Now, besides the rude supposedly "good breeder" that gave you
    her answer. I can tell you this. If you aren't experienced
    with handfeeding, you can go to your local avian vet, or even
    a local pet store (if you have one) that specializes in large
    birds, and ask them to show you how to handfeed. There are
    many different methods that I have seen used, and I prefer
    using a spoon. It's easier and there is less of a chance of
    you drowning the poor baby using a spoon rather then a syringe.

    Your formula needs to be prepared correctly, and as per the
    instructions on the back of the package you buy it in. For
    greenwings I would highly suggest zupreem embrace. It's
    formulated for larger birds.

    You also need to bump up your female's intake on fat and
    proteins. Most of what she is getting, she is giving to the
    babies. Monkey bread is a good thing to give. YOuc an find it
    online. Soak it in some warm water and leave it for the male
    to bring to the female.

    If you have any more questions feel free to post! You might
    get some rude feedback (obviously), but someone is always
    willing to help! After all, if you didn't find someone to help
    you on here or localy, how else would a begining breeder know?!

    On 2/23/08, Helen Ann wrote:
    > On 2/23/08, Amelia wrote:
    >> Hello everyone, I have a pair of greenwing macaws that
    >> have laid 3 eggs...and now I'm completely clueless as what
    >> to do. I was told they were both females, but I'm not sure
    >> because the previous owner never DNA or surgical sexed
    >> them, she said they just seem like females.
    >> So with the possibility of one of them being a male...what
    >> should I do? I know I have to candle the eggs because of
    >> the possibility of them being fertile...but...I don't know
    >> how to do it.
    >> I was hoping someone who breeds macaws could give me some
    >> help and advice. I asked earlier this week, but all I seem
    >> to got was responses telling me how unresponsible I am,
    >> and how I should just give my birds away.
    >> I'm not going to do that, I love them dearly, even if I
    >> can't touch them. But I want to make sure I'm doing
    >> everything right for them. I already give them fresh
    >> vegies and fruits daily, and the "male" brings them to the
    >> female who stays in her box all day and doesn't ever come
    >> out. I've even watched the male bring her water.
    >> I have so many questions that I can't post them all here,
    >> but if your a breeder and have had successful clutches
    >> please email me! If you breed greenwings, that's even
    >> better!
    >> Just someone please help!
    >> Thanks for your time
    > Coming to an internet forum looking to learn how to raise
    > baby macaws is not a good idea.
    > I can see why someone might call your irresponsible because
    > you gave your birds a nest box. Nest boxes are for those
    > that have intention of breeding. You can sugar coat it any
    > way you like, but nest boxes encourage breeding or breeding
    > behavior.
    > Breeding macaw pairs are nothing to fool with if you are not
    > experienced. Candling is not for the faint of heart when it
    > comes to big birds.
    > Keep feeding them well, FIND A LOCAL BREEDER that will
    > you and teach you.
    > If that's not an option, sell the babies out of the nest box
    > when they are old enough to be hand fed. Hand feeding is
    > another thing to learn and from where you stand, beyond what
    > you are capable of at this point in time based upon your
    > questions.
    > Thanks for giving the good breeders a bad name.