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Re: Any breeders out there that are willing to help?

Posted by Helen Ann on 2/23/08
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    On 2/23/08, apparently a "nice" breeder wrote:
    > I've been breeding for 20 years. And Helen, that is very rude
    > of you. At least she is doing the right thing of trying to
    > figure out what is going on.
    > Now, besides the rude supposedly "good breeder" that gave you
    > her answer. I can tell you this. If you aren't experienced
    > with handfeeding, you can go to your local avian vet, or even
    > a local pet store (if you have one) that specializes in large
    > birds, and ask them to show you how to handfeed. There are
    > many different methods that I have seen used, and I prefer
    > using a spoon. It's easier and there is less of a chance of
    > you drowning the poor baby using a spoon rather then a syringe.
    > Your formula needs to be prepared correctly, and as per the
    > instructions on the back of the package you buy it in. For
    > greenwings I would highly suggest zupreem embrace. It's
    > formulated for larger birds.
    > You also need to bump up your female's intake on fat and
    > proteins. Most of what she is getting, she is giving to the
    > babies. Monkey bread is a good thing to give. YOuc an find it
    > online. Soak it in some warm water and leave it for the male
    > to bring to the female.
    > If you have any more questions feel free to post! You might
    > get some rude feedback (obviously), but someone is always
    > willing to help! After all, if you didn't find someone to help
    > you on here or localy, how else would a begining breeder know?!

    Spare me your condescending propaganda, "nice breeder." I'm sick
    of people coming to a board and wanting to know how to breed,
    feed, etc. in a couple of easy steps.

    I still hold firm in my conviction that if she put a nest box on
    the birds, then she knew that there was a "possibility" of
    getting eggs, let alone, fertile.

    Offer her your private E-mail and you can mentor her through the
    entire process.