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Re: Any breeders out there that are willing to help?

Posted by petparrots on 2/24/08
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    On 2/23/08, Helen Ann wrote:
    > On 2/23/08, apparently a "nice" breeder wrote:
    >> I've been breeding for 20 years. And Helen, that is very rude
    >> of you. At least she is doing the right thing of trying to
    >> figure out what is going on.
    >> Now, besides the rude supposedly "good breeder" that gave you
    >> her answer. I can tell you this. If you aren't experienced
    >> with handfeeding, you can go to your local avian vet, or even
    >> a local pet store (if you have one) that specializes in large
    >> birds, and ask them to show you how to handfeed. There are
    >> many different methods that I have seen used, and I prefer
    >> using a spoon. It's easier and there is less of a chance of
    >> you drowning the poor baby using a spoon rather then a syringe.
    >> Your formula needs to be prepared correctly, and as per the
    >> instructions on the back of the package you buy it in. For
    >> greenwings I would highly suggest zupreem embrace. It's
    >> formulated for larger birds.
    >> You also need to bump up your female's intake on fat and
    >> proteins. Most of what she is getting, she is giving to the
    >> babies. Monkey bread is a good thing to give. YOuc an find it
    >> online. Soak it in some warm water and leave it for the male
    >> to bring to the female.
    >> If you have any more questions feel free to post! You might
    >> get some rude feedback (obviously), but someone is always
    >> willing to help! After all, if you didn't find someone to help
    >> you on here or localy, how else would a begining breeder know?!
    > Spare me your condescending propaganda, "nice breeder." I'm
    > of people coming to a board and wanting to know how to breed,
    > feed, etc. in a couple of easy steps.
    > I still hold firm in my conviction that if she put a nest box on
    > the birds, then she knew that there was a "possibility" of
    > getting eggs, let alone, fertile.
    > Offer her your private E-mail and you can mentor her through the
    > entire process.

    I agree, Most want to breed to make a buck and it is the birds
    that end up suffering due to the lack of ethics and knowledge.
    There are wonderful, Knowledgable Breeders and for every sally and
    harry to go try and "make some green" as most say on here, it is a
    loss for most due to ignorance. Just as the one's that GET free
    birds and sell them of to profit, and pass the "KARMA" crap! There
    are too many out for all they can get for free and will do and say
    whatever to get from another. Those are the low scum, and better
    off knowing who "they" Are!!!