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Re: Any breeders out there that are willing to help?

Posted by none on 2/28/08
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    Whats the matter Helen, you afraid someone is going to steal the buck
    from you. Get off your soap box. You are an idiot.

    Thank you to the rest of you who had GOOD advice.

    On 2/24/08, Helen Ann wrote:
    > On 2/24/08, Amelia wrote:
    >> Ok look. I'm not one of those scum that decides to get a bird to
    >> breed to sell. I want these birds to breed this one time, raise
    >> healthy chicks, so I can have a baby of my own. I have a blue and
    >> gold macaw already, along with a blue throat, and a military, and I
    >> have ALWAYS wanted a greenwng (and a Hyacinth, but I set my sights
    >> on realistic goals). I had the opportunity to buy a proven pair of
    >> greenwings from a lady who kept them in horrible condition. The
    >> female's nails were so overgrown that she couldn't grip the bars to
    >> come out and eat from her nest box. And her beak was split down the
    >> middle. Luckily my avian vet was able to fix her beak, and the nails
    >> were trimmed.
    >> Obviously though I need to keep going to my avian vet for questions,
    >> but he has never bred birds. I was hoping to get an answer from
    >> someone who has personal experience doing this.
    >> I have toyed with becoming a hobby breeder of greenwings, but I am
    >> not going to fully decide on that till after this.
    >> I am an experienced handfeeder. My own blue and gold I got from a
    >> lady who had an "accident" (turns out she was the equilivent of a
    >> bird mill) and her cat attacked a baby blue and gold.
    >> He was given to me, way under weight, scratches all over him, and I
    >> was not sure if he would live or die, but thanks to the excellent
    >> care he got from my avian vet, and my own experiences in
    >> handfeeding, we were able to save him and now he is a happy 6 month
    >> old.
    >> I know about diets and nutrition. My birds are fed a 75 &37; zupreem
    >> fruity and natural pelleted diet along with 25&37; seed. My breeders
    >> (Doc and Lena as I call them) get extra seed.
    >> All of my birds get fresh fruits daily, along with sprouts (i've
    >> been playing with growing my own sprouts and I've finally gotten it
    >> to where I am happy with it, so this last month I've started adding
    >> it to their "freshie" plates (as my blue and gold calls them) with a
    >> huge success.
    >> My table even has three table top perches where my three pets sit
    >> and have dinner with us. Since I cook with stainless steel pans,
    >> they can eat pretty much everything I cook. Though occasionally we
    >> do get into abit of a scuffle when someone gets something they
    >> particularly like and try to come after mom and dad's plates when
    >> they finish their own.
    >> So before someone accuses me of being scum and only getting birds to
    >> turn a buck, do your homework. Like I said, I was just looking for
    >> someone with some personal experience on breedng greenwing macaws,
    >> or even just macaws period.
    >> What a great avian community we have.
    > Hey Sweetie, you called yourself scum, not me.
    > "Do my homework?" Why? I don't have to prove anything to myself and
    > least of all, the likes of you.
    > You should have given us this grand dissertation when you came here.
    > No one is a mind reader.
    > You're still doing this for the wrong reasons. You simply want a
    > baby. You should have bought one and not involved this pair of birds.
    > But don't worry, they'll be shifted around to another home after they
    > produce some chicks for you or if they don't.
    > You really shouldn't need anyone's help since you seem to have the
    > world at your fingertips.