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Re: Any breeders out there that are willing to help?

Posted by Derek on 3/21/08
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    Hello, first let me tell you there are a lot of great books
    out there as well as dvd you could get to learn about
    breeding. Now if you take a flash light and hold it to the
    egg you should see what we call blood vains it looks just
    like what I said blood vains if your eggs are fertile and
    will look clear if they are not.Candleing should be done
    about 3 to 4 days after your hen lays.3rd You could also
    find companies that you could send your birds dna to in
    order to find out what sex they are try Avian On
    Good luck and take care Derek @ suncoastaviary

    2/23/08, Amelia wrote:
    > Hello everyone, I have a pair of greenwing macaws that
    > have laid 3 eggs...and now I'm completely clueless as what
    > to do. I was told they were both females, but I'm not sure
    > because the previous owner never DNA or surgical sexed
    > them, she said they just seem like females.
    > So with the possibility of one of them being a male...what
    > should I do? I know I have to candle the eggs because of
    > the possibility of them being fertile...but...I don't know
    > how to do it.
    > I was hoping someone who breeds macaws could give me some
    > help and advice. I asked earlier this week, but all I seem
    > to got was responses telling me how unresponsible I am,
    > and how I should just give my birds away.
    > I'm not going to do that, I love them dearly, even if I
    > can't touch them. But I want to make sure I'm doing
    > everything right for them. I already give them fresh
    > vegies and fruits daily, and the "male" brings them to the
    > female who stays in her box all day and doesn't ever come
    > out. I've even watched the male bring her water.
    > I have so many questions that I can't post them all here,
    > but if your a breeder and have had successful clutches
    > please email me! If you breed greenwings, that's even
    > better!
    > Just someone please help!
    > Thanks for your time